Infinity Codewave, first ever Mathematics Hackathon of Nepal at KU
Infinity Codewave, first ever Mathematics Hackathon of Nepal at KU
    • Bell Sanchar

    • १८ भाद्र २०८०, सोमबार

Students from various departments and universities gathered at Mathematics department at the midst of beautiful monsoon weather to spend the next 24 hours solving and coding exciting problems. This event named ‘Itonics presents Inifinity CodeWave,’ Nepal’s first mathematical hackathon was successfully conducted on 24th August (12 PM) – 25th August (12 PM).

There were a total of 9 teams with 8 teams having 3 members and 1 team having 2 members. The theme for the event was Hashing Algorithm : Encoding your way.

Participants were were given 24 hours to present their ideas on the given problem. Itonics facilitated a fun and exciting workshop session.

On 25th August, a total of 8 expert judges with 3 from our Hackathon partner Itonics were present to evaluate the results. Participants prepared their presentation to demonstrate their ideas for the given problem. We also had Dr. Samir Shrestha (Associate professor), Dr. Ganga Ram Phaijoo (Assistant professor) and Dr. Jyoti Upadhyaya (Professor) present from Department of Mathematics. along with Mr. Uma Shankar Panday from the Department of Geomatics.

The event was successfully completed at 5 PM after distributing token of love to all the guests present and photo session of all the participants, guests and the Infinity CodeWave team. As a part of the Infinity 23 series, an exciting olympiad and a captivating mathematical fair are scheduled to take place on August 29th.

These events promise to further stimulate intellectual growth, foster creativity, and encourage collaboration among students and professionals alike. The club’s commitment to nurturing Nepal’s intellectual and technological prowess remains unwavering, as it paves the way for a future enriched by innovation and ingenuity.

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