Sarvashree Aani Bhimsuwa honored with Life Time Achievement Award
Sarvashree Aani Bhimsuwa honored with Life Time Achievement Award
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    • २७ चैत्र २०८०, मंगलवार


Sarvashree Aani Bhimsuwa Gurung, the esteemed founding president of the World Buddhist Association and a senior social worker, has been granted the prestigious Life Time Achievement Award. The award was presented by Federal Affairs and General Administration Minister Bhanu Bhakta Joshi, who served as the Chief Guest at the ceremony held at the Nepal Tourism Board on Monday on behalf of citizen creation. Highly respected for her unwavering commitment and dedication to both religious and social causes, Sarvashree Ani Bhimsuwa Gurung has actively participated in various social organizations.

Holding positions such as president of the Guru Rimpochhe Trust and the World Buddhist Association, she has tirelessly worked towards assisting the impoverished, orphaned, disabled, and other individuals in the country. Despite the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, Sarvashree Ani’s remarkable contributions have been recognized, earning her increased admiration, pride, and accolades.

The ceremony, which was chaired by Mr. Yam Bahadur G.C., Chairman of Citizen Creation Pvt, celebrated Sarvashree Ani Bhimsuwa Gurung’s extraordinary accomplishments and her significant impact on society. Her lifelong dedication to humanitarian causes and her invaluable service to the community has earned her this well-deserved honor and distinction.

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